NKN (New Kind of Network) is a decentralised data transmission network powered by Cellular Automata. Incentivised by blockchain, the open-source group plans to change the design of the internet by improving security and ensure network neutrality.

Cellular Automata will operate the same way as Filecoin and IPFS but in the network domain. This means you’ll receive a token reward based on your data transmission capacity, instead of your storage space as is common with IPFS. But despite NKN’s ambitious goals and the relative infancy of the project, its support team is a group of talented individuals.

How Does NKN Token Blockchain Internet Work?

NKN wants to create a contemporary enhanced version of the internet. It will build the new version on blockchain technology with the aim of creating an internet that is decentralised, safe, active, shared, and owned by the community. This innovation is a decentralised data transmission network (DDTN). The extensive network of independent nodes will transmit data, acting as cellular automata which will change state based on a combination of received inputs and the state of its neighbors.

The team at NKN believes blockchain technology has already revolutionised two “pillars” of internet technology, including computing power (with bitcoin and Ethereum proof of work systems), and storage (with systems such as IPFS and Filecoin). NKN now wants the network infrastructure to run on blockchain.

NKN’s dense whitepaper mentions that the service will simplify the creation of dapps (decentralised applications) due to its low intermission, large bandwidth, and high scalability. But unless the group releases an API, it’s not clear how developers will use it. The company claims it will “tokenise” the network, encouraging users to share their bandwidth in exchange for currency.

NKN Service Analysis

Though relatively young, the NKN platform is planning to release a beta version of its network in the first quarter of 2019, and a full version in the third quarter. But as of March 2019, it’s not crystal clear what the company will release to end users. Currently, NKN seems more focused on creating back-end solutions that developers or service providers can use.

On the group’s Twitter page is a small internet service provider called Speedy Net. It offers fast broadband to rural areas as an early adopter of the technology. NKN claims the provider is based in the American Midwest, but a quick internet search yields result for a tiny British company. Though no information is available for this company, it’s encouraging to see interest in applying the technology.

Bottom Line

There’re many groups working with blockchain claiming to have created an innovative product. But most are using jargon to advance a rehashed and often ineffective product.
NKN is the opposite as they’re developing an amazing product. However, they need to improve their marketing to better explain it to the public. Computer scientists seem to have written the scholarly publications, but a robust public relations initiative could attract more investment and early adopters. Nevertheless, chances are high NKN’s technology could become universal in the future.

By Jeff Mwaura, Jeff is Kenyan based freelance writer with a focus on technology and finance.