Can Google still grow?

Google became successful because of its powerful search engine and the innovative technique of indexing and ranking web pages. Subsequently, Google expanded into display advertising, mobile phones and in particular its mobile operating system android have all been a success which has sky rocketed its share price. However, with a host of many other ventures from driverless cars to healthcare and countless anti-competition investigations by different governments, the question some speculators are asking is if Google over-stretched itself and became a global corporation losing touch with lean start-up days that helped to propel it. In 2015 Google’s holding company became known as Alphabet therefore don’t be confused, especially if you come across different class shares.

Google Shares

You can invest directly by purchasing Google Alphabet shares. IG provides easy access to the US market with low transaction costs.

Speculate on Google’s Alphabet share price

By spread betting on Google’s shares, you can speculate from the minimum of only 0.10 per point on the movement of the share price going either up or down with IG. Furthermore, there is a 5% margin to put down of the total value of the asset. Otherwise using eToro you can speculate a set amount of money on the price of the share. However, due to Google’s high share price, the smallest of percentage change in price can move hundreds and thousands of points. Therefore, you have to take volatility and point swings into consideration. But because Google is one of the stablest and perceived as a blue-chip company, the share price is not too volatile.

There is also an option to use CFDs (contract for difference). This financial option allows you to gain exposure to a higher volume of shares using a contract. Furthermore, you only have to pay a margin of the underlying asset price. However, due to having to pay the difference if the contract moves against you, the CFDs option is more suited to experienced traders.

Binary option

Using IQ Option you can also speculate on the stock price movement for a fraction of the cost. This is the most accessible way to gain exposure to the stock. This is more suited to traders who are keen to gain short term exposure to the stock market. Binary options are a lot more speculative and carry the highest risk because of their short time frame. However, due to ease of access and simplicity of trading this is often preferred by new traders.

Minimum amount 0.10 per point

Margin required 5%

Minimum stop distance 50 points

Dealing hours US Market


Minimum amount $25

Minimum spread 225 Pips

Overnight fee -0.1155


Minimum amount $1 per bet

Minimum deposit $10