Crypto mining can also expose you to overheating of equipment, potential fires, and the high electricity bills that come with running a computer 24/7.

Hashing24 offer an option where there’s a need to host mining rigs on behalf of miners. The miners, in turn, pay for the hardware and are assured 100% stable hash power and uptime. Additionally, Hashing24 offers Demo mining accounts, to help novice users practice without the risk of tying up their money in bitcoin mining.

About Hashing24

Hashing24 was established in 2012. Their physical location is at 272 Bath Street Glasgow in Scotland, UK. They also have representatives in Thailand and Ukraine. The contact details of the representatives are available on the website. The Bitcoin cloud mining company was created for both beginners and experts in the mining world. You can access the site from a laptop, PC or a mobile gadget. The company has a 100% uptime capacity which assures miners of gains no matter the time of the year.

How does it Work?

Mining Bitcoin is a highly technical process that is mostly inaccessible to ordinary people. To mine competitively, you need to invest in hardware and software infrastructure that can be expensive to buy. Hashing24 has made Bitcoin mining available to ordinary people by securing a steady supply of high-tech Bitcoin mining equipment. In this regard, it has partnered with top manufacturers such as BitFury.

Hashing24 has also leveraged the expertise of its IT personnel to create high-quality Bitcoin mining farms in regions with low electricity costs. This has given them a competitive advantage by allowing them to save resources while providing high-quality service.

The operator allows end users to rent a part of its mining prowess. This allows miners to take part in Bitcoin mining at an affordable rate, without the headache of managing the actual operation. To get started you first register on their website, choose a mining contract (preferably hash power), deposit your payment, and wait for the order to process. The mining process should then begin shortly.

Data Centers

Hashing24 doesn’t host their mining facilities and servers. Instead they have contracted third-parties such as BitFury to take care of their mining requirements. Before they employ a third-party to provide mining services, they first confirm if they will offer warranties for their expensive equipment, and maintenance.


The pricing system at Hashing24 is simple for traders to understand. It allows you to choose the exact lots of mining power you wish to buy. Each is equal to 1,000 GH/s and costs 0.140 bitcoins. Once you choose the amount you want, you complete the buying process by using bitcoins or bank wire. Hashing24 divides its mining plans into hosts. A miner can buy one host for 0.125 BTC, and make payment through a Bitcoin wallet, OK Pay or wire transfer. You can buy as many hosts as you can afford to increase profits. See here for further information about the Hashing23 pricing and plan.


In comparison to other cloud mining companies, Hashing24 offers investors open-ended contracts with no time limit. Once you buy the contract, you’re eligible to keep earning for life. For example, a single investment of $100 gives you the opportunity to earn daily for a lifetime. But the lifetime contracts incur a daily maintenance fee of approximately $0.00057 per GH/s. This is a small price to pay given the potential future gains. If your contract doesn’t earn enough to cover the maintenance fee, you’re allowed 3 days to become profitable again. If this also fails your contract is canceled. You don’t need to pay the maintenance fee from your wallet as automatic deductions are made from your account balance. You can also pay the maintenance fee from your Bitcoin wallet if your account balance is not enough.


Once you begin making some currency, payments from Hashing24 will become daily. The minimum payout is 0.001 BTC. But, if by any chance an expense in the user account is flagged as fake, Hashing24 can cancel such transactions immediately without warning the user. They can further delete the account for repeat offenders. If the user feels aggrieved and raises concerns, the payment process can recommence once the user has been cleared.

Flexible Profits

Profits on Hashing24 are not fixed which means miners don’t know exactly what they stand to gain. This is common in legitimate establishments for the sole reason of not giving their clients false hope of what they stand to gain. Hashing24 miners are assured their investment is secure for several years unlike in competing companies in the same industry. Their flexible profit plan is tailor made to give miners more gains in the long-run. Such a strategy is advantageous to miners as they stand to gain more than expected in future. But this will depend with whether Hashing24 can build a successful platform.

Transfer/Compensation Rule

Unlike other websites, Hashing24 doesn’t charge users to transfer bitcoins to other websites.


Hashing24 website has an SSL certificate (https). This means communication between the users’ browser and their website is encrypted. In addition, they have a Two Step Authentication on users’ accounts, adding an extra layer of security when logged in to their site.

Hashing24 provides an antivirus guard scanner that protects the users’ identity. They also offer weekly back up free of charge and a scam killer protection for email IDs. A user’s personal details can only be released upon demand by a legal body. In the event of damages such as subsidiary, significant harms, bribery or loss of a website, Hashing24 will not accept liability


Customer support at Hashing24 can be frustrating at times. You have a 50% chance of getting an immediate response from their online chat. Email responses can take 24-48 hours. But once you get through, the staff are knowledgeable of their product offering.

If you choose to begin mining with Hashing24 today, it advisable to use money you can afford to lose. This is because you’re not in total control of the mining and anything can happen to the bitcoin price and difficulty of mining. Overall, this is a great platform that is competent enough to give you value for money in the long-run.