The bank’s main aim is to become a full-service crypto bank by offering payments with cryptocurrencies alongside an integrated marketplace of FinTechs.

Change’s goal is to eliminate borders in the financial sector by providing an alternative financial service from a global network of partners.

Rather than integrating with traditional banking institutions, Change Bank is focusing on developing a peer-to-peer service network. The bank’s currency will use Change Coin which will be sold through the ICO at a price of 1 ETH = 500 CAG.


Change was set up in Singapore in 2016, under the leadership its CEO Kristjan Kangro. Angel investors have financed the company with over $200,000 USD. The company released beta in 2017. The mobile app enables storing, spending and transferring fiat currency. It has also integrated APIs with Smartly and Danabijak startups which were set up by Change partners. Change is planning to launch a worldwide FinTech marketplace that will allow users to browse and buy various financial services using cryptocurrency.


The features in Change Banks’ whitepaper include:

Global Onboarding – The Change mobile app begins with an electronic Know Your Customer (KYC) platform efficient at onboarding users from any part of the world. The app automatically confirms user transactions with third-party service providers by tokenizing KYC information sharing.

Universal crypto wallet – An easy to use and instinctive crypto wallet will enable storing of major cryptocurrencies. The application can manage your cryptocurrencies and simplify transferring funds between peers.

Card payments – A Change Card will allow users to spend their digital funds online and offline in places where credit or debit cards are accepted.

Fee structure – The digital nature of Change Bank allows to the company to have lower overheads than brick and mortar banks. No fees are charged for having an account, transferring funds, or making payments.

Rewards – Users will receive an award for using the Change Card and third-party services on the platform both online and offline. Instead of getting cash back, users will receive a portion of their transaction in Change Coins.

Enhanced security – The company uses blockchain technology to secure its platform. You can lock the Change Card from the app at any time.

Marketplace – Users can use their cryptocurrency to invest in stocks, P2P loans, real estate, and pay car insurance. Users can even take a loan in cryptocurrency.

Change card – The crypto debit card enables users to use their cryptocurrencies in online and offline locations worldwide.

Change has collaborated with the government of Estonia in the e-Residency initiative which gives users a digital identity in the European Union. Users can use it to begin a company, open a bank account, and file taxes without appearing in person.

Change Bank ICO

The company’s ICO was slated for September 16, 2017. The entire ICO has a hard cap of 250,000 ETH. 40% of the tokens were sold through the ICO with 1 ETH equivalent to 500 CAG.

Change Bank intention is to create an international crypto bank that provides card-based spending, consistent international transfers, and various banking services. The bank’s foundation is based on the use of Change Coin (CAG).