Today tens of thousands of people, investing on average £120 each month, are using the Tickr investment app. 40% are female while half the investors with an average age of 31 are first-time investors.

Development of the Tickr app targets the next generation of investors who want to make money as well as have a positive impact on the world. Users can sign up and start investing with a minimum investment of £5.

About Tickr Investment App

Tom McGillycuddy and Matt Latham launched the business in early 2019. Both worked in investment management and had come to view the finance sector as largely inefficient industry. Businesses were earning revenue and profit indiscriminately, without questioning the source of the money nor its supposed impact.

To date, Tickr has raised £2.5 million in external funding, including more than £1 million from a Seedrs crowdfunding campaign.

Tickr allows investors to invest in ethical investment through ETFs. The app also provides access to publicly listed companies committed to positive impact investing. Impact investing is one of the fastest-growing sectors of today’s investment management industry. Globally, assets invested in impact are doubling each year, and are forecasted to hit $1 trillion by 2020.

Intended Impact

Development of the Tickr investment app is meant to fulfill the emerging demand for a new generation of potential investors. The interest of these investors is to grow businesses with a social impact benefit and positive investment footprint.

The investment is accessible for first-time investors who can put their money into specific companies spanning four separate themes; climate change, equality, disruptive technology, or a combination of the three.

1). The climate change theme includes renewable energy businesses that derive revenue from activities such as building wind farms.

2). Social Impact is investing in businesses that address gender equality and inclusion.

3). Disruptive Technology is investing in businesses that develop tech-based solutions for big social problems.

4) The fourth impact is a combination fund of the above three points.

Accomplishments to date

– In September 2018 Tickr raised an initial round of £860,000 from people in the investment management industry in Europe and the US

– Launched on both iOS and Android and have thousands of users across both platforms

–  It has grown from 3 to 14 staff members, with offices in London and Liverpool.

– FCA regulated as an Appointed Representative.

– The 2019 winner of Tech Nation Rising Stars

– Made it to the Wealthtech 100 annual list of the world’s most innovative Wealthtech companies in April 2019

Monetisation Strategy

The Tickr business model is clear as it charges everyone the same flat fee of 0.7% per annum on assets under management. Moving forward, Tickr expects to create additional revenue streams from the launch of Tickr branded ETFs.

Retail and institutional investors will be charged outside the app whilst it will be free to use in-app for Tickr users.


  • Promotes ethical investments
  • Low cost investing through ETFs
  • Tax-efficient accounts through investment ISAs


  • Access limited to mobile
  • Limited ETFs and market access
  • Startup risk is high (despite funds protection by FSCS)

By Jeff Mwaura, Jeff is Kenyan based freelance writer with a focus on technology and finance.