The only investment you will need is your time.

One way to get free coins is to visit faucet websites which dispense small amounts of money every time you claim.

You will need to visit the faucets constantly or spend a lot of time online as the rewards are quite small. Faucet websites are also slow as people don’t give away free money that easily. There is a huge list of faucets, some are worth it while others are not.


This is by far the best of the bunch. It has been running for years and allows users to claim a minimum of 13 satoshis and a maximum of 2,515,125 (if you’re super lucky) on every roll. You can claim satoshis every hour. Once you achieve the 30,000 satoshis threshold, you stand a chance to earn a 4% annual interest. For each roll, you receive reward points. Your points grow every time you roll. You can use the reward points to boost your free Bitcoin earnings or activate other bonuses. Avoid the Multiply BTC Hi-Lo game which is the gambling bit of the website. You can lose your Bitcoins so it’s advisable to stick to the risk-free sections of the website which are:

  • The Free Bitcoin for rolling a dice which guarantees you some fraction of winnings and
  • The Earn Bitcoin for gaining interest on top of your bitcoins.


This is another favorite and has been running for some years. The system is designed to peak after one hour, similar to FreeBitcoin. Payout goes to Coinpot though you have to wait until you achieve 5,500 satoshis to make a transfer. You can also transfer your earnings to FreeBitcoin where you can earn a tidy interest. Always login to this faucet every day to maintain your daily bonus percentage.


This faucet works much like moonbit though a bit slower. It has a payment threshold of 25,000 satoshis to your Bitcoin wallet or 200 satoshis to a Xapo wallet. Note that funds transfer from Xapo to Coinpot are high, so it’s advisable to have enough satoshis to cover the charges. Always login to this faucet every day to maintain your daily bonus percentage.


You earn free satoshis at a much slower rate on this faucet. Payment goes to Coinpot which works well if you can combine it with moonbit. The system is also designed to peak after one hour.


This is another slow faucet – it transfers earnings to Coinpot. You can make claims every 15 minutes though it’s advisable to wait until one hour elapses. It’s another reliable faucet.


This faucet has been running for years. The experience its owners have gained over time has allowed them to tweak their system to simplify the claiming process. It pays to FaucetHub.

Automatic Claims

Some websites such as Moonbit do some background mining, once you opt-in to that option. The auto-claims are very little and running them all day will generate less than $0.01. They also consume a huge amount of your processor power, so avoid them if you are using a laptop or tablet. CoinPot’s browser is ideal for mining if you’re using a computer. Payments go to FaucetHub which allows you to choose different coins.

Note that you can’t always rely on faucets to earn a good amount of bitcoins. Some of them require much effort for small rewards. Remember the faucets will only pay you cents per hour no matter how long you keep claiming.

By Jeff Mwaura, Jeff is Kenyan based freelance writer with a focus on technology and finance.