Airsorted is an online platform established in 2015. The firm offers account management, guest vetting, price optimisation, and replenishment services. Their headquarters are in London, England, GB EC1V7LQ. Founder and CEO James Jenkins-Yates has an approval rating of 86%. Airsorted has approximately 50 employees and an annual revenue of £25 million.

To help fuel further growth – including expansion to Sydney, Australia – Airsorted has raised £13.3 million in 4 rounds, the latest round being June 2019. Concentric led the round with participation from some of Airsorted’s investors including Atami Capital and Pi Labs.

The booming sharing economy and websites such as Airbnb are popular for homeowners looking to make some extra money and travelers looking for somewhere comfortable to stay. In 2018, over 2 million people used Airbnb to visit the UK and over 3 million Britons used the site while holidaying.

How Does Airsorted Work?

The host signs up to the site and commits to renting out their homes for a minimum of eight weeks per year. In return, Airsorted manages the booking.

Hosts pay Airsorted 12% of their earnings. Assuming you’re renting out your place for 46 nights, the average Airbnb host in the UK makes £2,000 a year renting their place. Take off the Airsorted fee and it drops to £1,760. For someone using the site specifically to make extra money, this is quite a large chunk wiped off.

Airsorted will manage the entire listing for you. This includes the account itself, guest communication, your home photos, professional cleaning, and laundry.

The company also installs a police-approved key safe at each property it looks after so that guests can check-in whenever they want.

For the cleaners, Airsorted works like Uber taxi drivers. The cleaners sign up and are vetted by the company. Airsorted currently has roughly 500 cleaners in 22 cities around the world who all interact with the app.

One extra perk of the service is that hosts can set preferences, selecting the level of control to dictate how much freedom they give Airsorted to manage their property.

Why Airsorted?

Renting out your home or your spare room for a night is a popular way of making some extra money. But what happens if you’re on holiday in France and your tenant calls to report a flooded kitchen or broken washing machine?

The hassle of handling the repair and the costs involved can be too demanding, making the hassle of making that extra 200 quid seem a tad tedious. Airsorted promises to take care of such emergencies – for a fee.

Bottom Line

It’s not by accident that the design of the Airsorted website gives the impression of an Airbnb spin-off. However, while the two companies work parallel to each other, there is no official link between them.

According to founder and CEO James Jenkins-Yates, he sees it as a benefit for guests to know when they are booking a professionally managed property. This gives the guest confidence that the experience is going to be of a certain standard, or at the very least, provide assurance that a listed property does exist.

It’s only a matter of time and trust before Airsorted becomes a well-known brand, as it piggybacks’ on the success of established unicorns.

By Jeff Mwaura, Jeff is Kenyan based freelance writer with a focus on technology and finance.